When you do land that sweet new job, chances are you’ll be asked to sign one form of agreement or another:

  • Offer Letter;
  • Pay plan/Commission Structure;
  • Employment Agreement;
  • Arbitration Agreement;
  • Non-compete/non-solicitation/non-disclosure agreement.

While you may be chomping at the bit to get going with your new gig and are pretty much willing to sign anything put in front of you, for the love of all things, think twice!!

Everything may seem great now at the start of your new job, but if/when this relationship ends, as almost all do, these agreements can become really important. Even if things don’t seem contentious at all but some misunderstanding arises between you and the employer, these agreements can make or break you. We have seen way too many examples of them breaking people in completely unfair (though often not illegal) ways.

Most of these times these agreements ARE negotiable. Even if they aren’t, it is critical that you at the very least fully understand what you’re signing and the ramifications of what the terms really mean in real life. In other words, it is worth it to review the agreement with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of employment agreements.

Because we have seen way too many employees brush past this stage of things and make mistakes they later regret, we have created a streamlined, affordable flat-fee consultation package to go over agreements like these. We highly encourage you to contact us to get additional details about this.

Even if you don’t use our consultation services, we still highly encourage you to read the agreements carefully, research any terms you’re not familiar with, and if things are not clear or you think are not good for you – negotiate them. This need not mark you as a trouble-maker — there are ways to go about it that are not confrontational and can be collaborative with your employer.