Employees With Unpaid Wages

Are you missing some wages that you should have been paid?

It’s pretty basic: when you’ve done the work, and your employer hasn’t paid you for it…. something’s wrong. Maybe it’s your final paycheck and they just don’t bother to issue it. Maybe the employer says they haven’t been paid by their customer yet but will pay you when they can. Maybe they just don’t want to pay you. Regardless what the “reason” is, if you earned it, you should be paid!

We commonly see situations where employers:

  • Fail to pay final paychecks
  • Fail to pay for certain days or hours worked… or even entire pay periods
  • Fail to pay earned bonuses or commissions
  • Fail to pay out PTO/vacation pay, reimbursable business expenses, or other aspects of compensation aside from cash wages

In addition to getting your unpaid wages, you may also be entitled to other penalties under the law, depending on how long it’s been going on. These penalties can be substantial.

You work hard for the money you’ve earned. You can’t afford to be underpaid by your employer — and it isn’t right.

By law, employers are required to pay owed wages.

If you are being cheated by your employer, we can get you the money you deserve. Call us now at (212) 961-7639 or send us an email. to discuss your pay-related issues.

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