Employees With Unpaid Overtime

Do you feel you should be paid overtime, but aren’t … or aren’t paid all that you’re owed?

Some employers don’t understand when they’re supposed to be overtime. Some know better, but don't pay it anyway!  Regardless, if you earned it, you should be paid!  

We commonly see situations where employers:

  • Don’t pay  overtime rates as required by law.
  • Fail to pay overtime at all.
  • Don’t properly track overtime hours worked.
  • Change timesheet data, to cheat the employee.
  • Classify some employees as “salaried” or “exempt” when they’re not, in an attempt to not pay overtime.  

In addition to getting your unpaid wages, you may also be entitled to other penalties under the law, depending on how long it’s been going on.  These penalties can be substantial.

You work hard for the money to cover your bills. Your family is dependent on your income. You can’t afford to be underpaid by your employer.

By law, employers are required to pay hourly workers for every minute they work, and overtime when it is earned.


If you are being cheated by your employer, we can get you the money you deserve. Call us now at (212) 961-7639 or send us an email. to discuss your pay-related issues.

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