Video FAQs

Many workers don’t pursue claims for unpaid wages or unpaid overtime because they’re afraid that their employer will take some sort of action against them including maybe firing them. But the truth is that being worried about that and keeping yourself from reporting the violation will just encourage the employer to continue to violate the law and to continue to take money out of your pocket.

The fact of the matter is that taking any retaliatory action against you would give you another claim against the employer for which you could recover. In other words, in addition to getting your unpaid wages, you could have a claim for retaliation and the court could award you damages for that as well.

Standing up for your rights against employers who don’t pay you the wages that you earned or the overtime that you’ve worked is your right. We’re a law firm that will stand up next to you and ensure that your rights are advocated before the courts and that you recover the wages that you should have earned and you should have been paid in the first place.