Video FAQs

If you’re a salesperson who has not gotten all of the commissions that you think you’re entitled to, you should definitely talk to a lawyer to see what’s going on, not necessarily only with those commissions but also with your pay as a whole. Very often the commissions themselves are protected under state law, sometimes under federal law as well, but more often than not when you talk to a lawyer about exactly how your job worked as a salesperson and what all of the different aspects of your job were. You may learn that you’re entitled to additional compensation that you might not even think to ask the questions about.

So certainly if you think that you’ve been underpaid, whether it be by not being paid your commission that you thought you were entitled to by not getting a bonus that you thought you were entitled to, by working a ton of hours that you weren’t expecting to work and not being sure if you’re entitled to overtime; it’s definitely worth asking the question.

There are about six or seven different laws that specifically pertain to salespeople;so it gets really complicated and depends on a lot of factors but if you parse those out there are a lot of opportunities for salespeople to recover the wages and commissions to which they’re entitled under the law.