Video FAQs

A lot of times people think that just because they are paid a salary that they’re automatically not entitled to any overtime. We see a lot of times the companies will get that wrong and one particular industry when that happens a lot is the construction industry.

Generally speaking, there are very specific requirements that the company has to meet in order to not have to pay you overtime. If, for example, you are truly a manager, you have hiring and firing authority, you’re supervising people day-to-day, you’re making schedules, you’re truly managing a staff of people of at least two then there’s a good chance that you are exempt and that you’re not entitled to overtime.

However, if really you’re out there doing the same kind of work as the other folks on your crew but you’re just sort of more the point person, you’re the person that upper management might come to, to be sort of the crew or team leader but you’re out there working alongside them for a good amount of your workday then it may be that you are, in fact, entitled to overtime and you should definitely, if you’re in that kind of situation, ask somebody for some guidance to see if there’s a claim that can be made because some of these can be worth your while to pursue.