Video FAQs

Your final paycheck at a job, is no different than any other paycheck you get while working there. You are entitled to be paid for the time that you worked for any job. That being said, a lot of times at the end of a job, whether you’ve been fired or for whatever reason it’s a tense departure. A lot of times the company is just going to try and hold on to that last paycheck and hope that you go away silently. Well, if that’s not your style and you want to do something about it. You do have a lot of options. As I said before, these are your wages that you’re entitled to.

One option is that you go file a claim with the state or federal department of labor, you should be aware that does toll your time limits, so if you do ever intend to file something in court.. that won’t help there. You can also file on your own in a small claims court, some people like to do that and not bother with hiring a lawyer. You can also come and talk to a lawyer. The good thing about these wage and hour laws is that if a company has messed up, then more often than not, they are going to be the ones that are required to pay for your attorney’s fees in addition to their own. So, what that means, is that even if its a final paycheck for a few hundred bucks or something that doesn’t seem like that much money.. you can still get representation with no cost to you.